Cascate di Monte Gelato

The more you walk - the more you enjoy

Spiaggia di Santa Severa

Free beach, luxury beach, sporty ones, nudist beach and on…

Veio Regional Park

Waterfalls, hourses and cows walk around, forest and a berbeque zone


Religion, art, history, nature

Monte Rufeno nature reserve

When you want to escape to the North, but not too North


Spoleto: another super-affordable, one-day, no-car-needed escape to Umbria. History, nature and wine.

Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica

The easiest run away from Rome; unexpected peaceful grace only half an hour away from the chaos.


If you are in Rome, you have a day off, but you do not have a car - Orvieto is THE place to visit! Prepare a good camera and a big memory card.


If you love history and peaceful leisure time (and you are located in Rome) - then you probably should visit Formello; it is a tiny commune, only 40 minutes away from Rome, but it keeps so many stories, from the prehistoric times, throughout the Etruscan settlement, Pope Adrian I ruling days and on…

Campo Felice

For those who live in Rome and and misses winter - Abruzzo is a perfect solution. Abruzzo region borders Lazio at the east and is reach with mountains, lakes, national parks and reserves. We will discuss some of them in the future. But today we will focus specifically on the winter-fun part: Campo Felice!


Bracciano is a small town in the Italian region of Lazio, 30 kilometres (19 miles) northwest of Rome. The town is famous for its volcanic lake (Lago di Bracciano or “Sabatino”, the eighth largest lake in Italy) and for a particularly well-preserved medieval castle Castello Orsini-Odescalchi. The lake is widely used for sailing and is popular with tourists; the castle has hosted a number of events, especially weddings of actors and singers.