Location: Italy

Personal overview

I know it seems to be complicated travelling to another region of Italy when you only have 1 day off and you don’t even have a car. But luckily you’ve got Orvieto. It is one of the most beautiful towns in the Umbria region of Italy and every element of it is a postcard material. You could enjoy a peaceful walk amazed by the beautiful landscapes around it or take a guided tour in its’ underground world. You will be charmed by the authentic architecture, the parks and the unusual beautiful cathedral (Duomo di Orvieto; Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta) that seem to be a decoration on top of the cake of Orvieto. You could enjoy local typical restaurants or have a glass of wine right on top of the old city walls, fascinated by the view.

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  • When to go: Autumn, Winter, Spring
  • Fees: depends on the activity
  • Can it be reached by public transportation? Yes

Travel duration: approximately 1.5 hours

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A train from the main Roman train stations shall take approximately 80 minutes and costs around 10€. Then you should take a local bus from Orvieto train station for additional 1€. The bus would take you through beautiful landscapes up to the city center and it passes few times per hour.

Where from: from Rome, Italy.