Location: Italy

Personal overview

Bracciano is my favorite place to escape to.

Especially when I have an unplanned day or just a few hours off and I want a spontaneous and yet a luxury tourist experience. And I do dare to call it luxury, because Bracciano has it all: historic site, art exhibitions, street markets and concerts, beautiful nature, relaxing beaches, water sports, breathtaking panoramic spots and, of course, yummy italian restaurants.

There I go in quest of peace, joy and inspiration.

And all that is only 1 hour and 3 euros away from Rome :)

Google maps

Geo: 42.103313, 12.175938


  • when to go: preferably summer
  • are there any entrance fees? Not that I know.
  • can it be reached by public transportation? Yes

Travel duration: 1-2 hours

Web site


A train from Ostiense train station, approximately every 30 minutes to be checked on Trenitalia website.

Where from: from Rome, Italy.